- This is quite possibly the last GDC post for now - but it would be remiss of me not to point out that we used most of the Insert Credit homeboys for our Gamasutra GDC 2007 coverage, including the near-mythical Eric-Jon Waugh, the very Uematsu-ish Vincent Diamante, and of course, Game Developer's very own Brandon Sheffield.

Anyhow, we have ridiculous amounts of Gamasutra write-ups from them (and more coming next week), with the latest including Q's Shuji Utsumi on the company's history, a full write-up of the Experimental Gameplay Workshop, and lots besides - but there are a couple of Insert Credit side-posts that are worth pointing at.

Firstly, Vince just posted a little compilation of his favorite GDC photos, and there are some corkers in there - I really like the Sheffield/Crecente B&W lurve, for one, as well as the candid of Alexey Pajitnov. Honestly, Vince is a bit of a triple threat, having also composed the music for Jenova Chen's Cloud, and being a pretty decent writer, too.

But Brandon also posted some fun stuff on IC during GDC week, including pics of The Behemoth's XBLA trophies for Castle Crashers, as well as info on Studio Nocturne's Housewife Superstar for DS, as shown at Game Connection (is the Dame Edna reference coincidental? I'm presuming so!)

There are also some extra bits on Studio Nocturne's other games, including "Makeup Diva... quite a nice idea, in which you play as an aspiring makeup artist to the stars" - hope these get picked up for some kind of real DS release, because they're a bit adorable.