- OK, so I lied - it wasn't the last GDC post. This is because I decided to check YouTube for all the GDC-related video uploads that happened during the conference, and I thought it would be handy to put all the obvious ones in one place. Plus there's one I should mention first!

- GameSpot has full video of the IGF Awards and Choice Awards, including all the goodness that happened on the night. I think I acquitted myself decently- though I must remember not to stare at the autocue quite so intently next time, heh, since I'm tall and it makes my eyes look a tad hooded. But overall, can't tell you how many compliments we got about this awards in terms of entertainment value and overall quality. Yay!

Elsewhere, here's a descending-in-popularity list of the most-posted YouTube videos relating to the conf:

- The new Super Mario Galaxy trailer is definitely the most-uploaded to YouTube, and with reason. It's sad Nintendo couldn't show a little more dungarees, but this glimpse is awesome, and it's out in 2007.

- Then there's Media Molecule's LittleBigPlanet for PlayStation 3 - did anyone notice the MM-related hint in the GDC preview? Hm? Hmm? Anyhow, here's the demo video, and there's also a level construction video and an online sharing video. So I say, go go Alex 'Statix' Evans, Mark Healey, and friends - we did an IGS session about physics games, and this is a big validation of the genre.

- After that, there would be PlayStation Home for PlayStation 3, the virtual world that starts Beta-testing next month. I'm actually reasonably interested in this - it's not that I don't think virtual worlds can't be fun (after all, this _is_ just a slightly bigger version of the lobby in Phantasy Star Online!), but I do think that Second Life's slightly overhyped status has made me slightly allergic to them. I suspect stuff like this and Three Rings' Whirled will be the equivalent of a hayfever tablet for the genre. Maybe.

- To end with some randomness - a new Tabula Rasa trailer brings Richard Garriott's MMO closer to Starship Troopers than I had previously thought, and there are some neat Joystiq-uploaded vids on YouTube which include looks at the XNA competition going on in the North Hall lobby, as well as a peek at IGF Student Showcase finalist The Blob. Much appreciated, guys!