- Over at GDC today, there was a special 'Pitch Your Game Idea' as part of Game Career Seminar in the expo hall, and Frank 'Lost Levels/Gama' Cifaldi had literally the BEST IDEA EVER, and he's going to read it to me now. It goes as follows:

"This is based on the old wives' tale of swallowing spiders - 'Did you know in your sleep every year you swallow ten spiders?' I started thinking - why would spiders want to go into someone's mouth? And it occurred to me that this would be a pretty cool game. And the title of my game is: 'Oh My God, Spiders In My Mouth'."

"The way it works is, every level you are a spider and the idea is that you have to get into somebody's mouth". (At this point in the pitch in the editor room Vincent Diamante admits that it happened to him! As the mouth, not the spider.) But basically you have to build a Rube Goldberg-style machine to get into someone's mouth. It's inspired by Mousetrap, the board game, and the early levels of Katamari Damacy where you are tiny."

I point out that it's a bit like Mr. Mosquito with spiders. Frank agrees. We then wonder why we wrote this. And Frank suggests a victory dance, inside the appropriate orifice - like The King in Sneak King doing his flourishing. Cha cha cha!