- There has already been some marvelling at the Game Developers Conference 2007 speaker gift, which is "...a DVD clamshell with four sets of DVD-shaped magnetic poetry, the words conforming to themes from this year's conference [and random 'hilarious' game-related words!]" - and a little stand to put them on if you don't have a fridge handy, actually.

Anyhow, we managed to grab five sets of the DVD-case stored magnetic poetry from the wonderful GDC organizers who we sit near (thanks Jamil and Meggan!), and we're going to give them away in a stupendous GameSetCompetition! The question is simple enough:

"What's the best phrase, sentence, or nonsensical chain of words you can make by using the words on the special GDC magnetic poetry pieces?"

- You can see the full word line-up by clicking here or on the picture to the right - as I noted before: "A bunch of the words were actually contributed by myself and some others from Game Developer and Gamasutra editorial, hence some suitably dumb stuff like 'Riiidge Racer', 'Megaton', 'Dropdabomb', 'O RLY', 'shmup', and some others I can't remember right now. Also 'sensible stuff' like Itagaki, Wright, Schafer, Sid Meier's, shipdate, script, physics, texture, and so on."

Also, now I look at it, I remember I included GAF (oh dear!) - and also I think we didn't include enough 'doing' words like 'praised', 'beat', 'encouraged', etc. Oh well. But you can still get some good stuff out of this. Here's my completely random and quite possibly libelous example: "Drunk Jaffe Slipped Kojima The Twink"!

Anyhow, please enter by submitting your chain of words in the comments below at any time before Thursday, March 29th at noon PST, and include either an email address or a link to a website containing your email address. And may the dumbest answers win! [Thx for pics, Boyer!]