- Another neat leftover from before GDC - over at Guilded Lilies, blogger L Laughy has a post called 'Game Covers Women Want To See', and which makes some pretty good points.

In particular, she comments: "I would like to discuss two covers from RPGs for the PC that have good inclusive box art. Below are images from Dungeon Siege and the DS Legends of Aranna expansion pack. Both covers are pretty much the same, but it was the first Dungeon Siege box that got me interested in playing the game and had me looking forward to the later expansion of the game."

Why so? "This cover art works for me primarily because it shows a female character that isn't objectified, but instead looks capable and ready to get things accomplished in the game world. The expression on her face is confident and self-assured, with a dash of sass in her wry smile." Anyone else want to reference surprisingly universal game covers? I'm actually quite impressed by this one, given the subject matter.