- Gnome's Lair points out one of the most mindblowing things I've seen in a while - someone's made a Fawlty Towers map for Counter-Strike Source, Valve's terrorist-heavy FPS of decidedly John Cleese-light action.

Here's what he says: "There are some admittedly rare moments in gaming, when I and the whole of gnomedom really feel that good taste is still alive. Barely perhaps, but definitely alive. Playing Fahrenheit and Beyond Good and Evil were such moments."

But: "Seeing Counter-Strike: Source get a Fawlty Towers map was the latest. Ahh, what a brilliant idea, ain't it? And, John Cleese, what a star, eh? Polly what have you done with my hotel, eh? Stay here is nice, eh? Anyway. Get the map here and be a happy punter." Bloody Harold Wilson!