- A note from Hugh Hancock of Strange Company, then: "Just thought you might be interested to know that our "Fair Game" Machinima ads we just completed, advertising Fair Trade practises, seem to be going a bit viral!"

He continues: "We've produced two spots. One, made in The Sims 2, was shown at the Scottish Parliament, of all places. The other one, made in World of Warcraft, hit #1 most linked Film and Animation video on YouTube over the weekend, and has sparked off debate about Fair Trade ethics on World of Warcraft sites all over the place."

There's more info on the official FairGame machinima site, which explains: "Many people will be aware of the crushing inequalities and exploitation of Third-World farmers by First-World corporations, particularly that centered on the raw foodstuffs for coffee, chocolate and similar products. We wanted to use the medium of computer games to talk about these problems and suggest Fair Trade as an alternative."