- We recently covered a 'lost' Neversoft game from early in the company's career, Ghost Rider, and now it turns out that PlayStation Museum has screenshots from another mythical Neversoft title, Exodus.

It's explained: "After the 1996 E3, Neversoft Entertainment focused their efforts on a new demo titled Big Guns. The Big Guns demo displayed a Mech walking down a canyon shooting various things... Neversoft took this demo to Shiny on June 1st 1996 to demonstrate their talent in hopes that Shiny would hire them for the MDK conversion; it was a success."

However, if this is to be believed, the design was, uhh, changed a lot: "Big Guns was renamed Exodus for trademark reasons - "Big Gun" was the name of motorbike exhausts. As with many games in development, the artistic designs were continuously being redesigned. With the aid of SCEA, the team decided to change the Mech into a girl who could morph into a big cat." OK! Finally: "In November 1997, Exodus was officially cancelled." Wow, a playable version of this would be neat.