- Not content with winning the IGF Grand Prize, Aquaria's Derek Yu has edited a spectacularly good Postman-written guide to Japanese 'doujin' shooters over at TIGSource - and it's really good to see a comprehensive English-language genre intro to the beautiful subgenre.

There's a neat 'multiple rungs of ladder' analogy to show the five sets of doujin shooter quality bars, with the top two being described as follows: "These titles come from developers that are small enough to still be considered doujin, but with larger teams and more resources then the weekend coder who just whipped up a shooter in a few months. Many of these titles have a high enough production value to be distributed at events such as Comiket, a haven for doujin shmup fans."

The top run? "After playing one of these babies, you are either instantly hooked on the genre or so sickened by the insane bullet patterns that you will never play another danmaku game again. Steel Saviour has some incredible visuals, and it's hard to believe that games from Shanghai Alice (Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, Imperishible Night) are mainly the work of one person (the aforementioned Zun). And Kamui, from Siter Skain, still stands as one of my favorite doujin shmups of all time." Awesome guide.