- It's totally tragic that Computer Games Magazine has apparently closed down, and even more so because I'd just got the April 2007 issue which included the regular spoof game ads from our friends and sometime Gamasutra columnists from Schadenfreude Interactive.

This time round, the two ads were for Accordion Hero II (the sequel to the seminal!), and a brand new game called Nachtmusik, and information and screenshots of both titles are available on the official Schadenfreude homepage. As for Accordion Hero II, apparently, it's: Everything you loved in the first game, but more of it, ja? Features a new Practice mode, and 65 new songs including: * Leichtensteiner Polka, Traditional * The Bowling King, Those Darn Accordions * Can't Touch This, M.C. Hammer * Ya Ya Wunderbar, Frankie Yankovic * Pictures of Matchstick Men, Status Quo * In Heaven There Is No Beer, Traditional * Ride The Lightning, Metallica." Damn!

And the brand new Nachtmusik is "...a karaoke survival horror game. Yes, we have combined our love of karaoke with our love of German opera and our love for running around ruined, ichor-spattered hallways wielding a bloody candlestick or sawed-off shotgun while being pursued relentlessly by ghosts and mutants. I do not think there is another karaoke survival horror game in the world! There may well be a good reason for this, but such things have never stopped us before." This is oddly reminiscent of the actually real IGF Student Showcase winner Opera Slinger, hilariously.