- Over at Game Of The Blog, the radiant Joel Reed Parker has been exploring Carol Vorderman's Sudoku, a game you may recall that I previously commented was weird since "...nobody actually knows who she is in the States."

Parker does a good job at poking at a maze of attributions: "Secret Stash Games, the only company listed on the US cover, is almost a complete mystery... The [main] notable mention is in a review of Chili Con Carnage on a 1up journal... From looking at the WHOIS info for www.secretstashgames.com(currently not being used!) the registrar is Eidos so I'm guessing that it must me some sort of imprint company." That sounds correct - and it's a bit like Fresh Games, if people remember that.

GOTB has a follow-up post named, somewhat helpfully, 'The First Hour Of Carol Vorderman's Sudoku', and he notes: "I haven't played that much sudoku beyond the easy level puzzles so the 30 minutes of video tutorials describing various techniques at each difficulty level were fairly insightful. Unfortunately they didn't letterbox them for a 4:3 ratio from the original PSP versions and they are vertically stretched." Still, it's... sudoku!