- Physics game site Fun-Motion has pointed out that "Kyle Gabler, of Experimental Gameplay Project and Tower of Goo fame, recently left his job at Maxis to start up an indie studio with Ron Carmel. The new company is 2D Boy, and they just announced their first of three games: World of Goo."

Gabler is actually on one of the Independent Games Summit panels today, so I guess it's possible that we'll find out more then. If not, their 2D Boy FAQ certainly has a few more oblique references, such as commenting on World Of Goo's release: " It will take longer than a week to make, and less than a year. We plan to be done in early summer 07. Kyle is a paranoid perfectionist and a control freak, so it will be out when it is stunning and beautiful. :)"

Overall, I dig the game plan a lot: "2D Boy is a brave new indie game studio based in San Francisco, making games the old fashioned way - a team of two, no money, and a whole lot of "love". Our goal is to make games that everyone can play, with gameplay nobody has seen before." Go, guys, go!