- Media site PaidContent has an interesting update on Yahoo!'s branded video game sites, which are to launch alongside entertainment sites and aggregate Yahoo! content about a specific subject - there's the already-launched Wii.yahoo.com which gives a good idea of the idea.

Basically, the Wii site grabs Flickr, Delicious, Yahoo! Answers, Yahoo! Avatars, Yahoo! Videos, and some Yahoo! Games content related to Nintendo's new console all in one place - it's just an automagically aggregated site.

PaidContent explains of the new efforts: "Branded Universes will collect the various media within the Yahoo network at a single location focused on a brand selected by Yahoo. It has selected the first six of the supposed 100 it plans: video games “The Sims” and “Halo,” TV shows “Lost” and “The Office,” and franchises Harry Potter and Transformers. Interestingly, Yahoo is not allowing marketers a voice in this, nor seeking licensing for the content. It will not try to monetize these sections until a later date, the company said." The Halo/Sims pages aren't live yet, btw.

This is somewhat of an interesting idea - I guess you could think of it a bit like the GameFAQs pages for a particular game or system, with info and multimedia all in one place - or a bit like the much more curated IGN-owned sites like PlanetQuake and so on. On the other hands, it's just an auto-aggregator, so it's not really presenting anything too unique in terms of editorial voice. But note that Vince Broady, now head of games, entertainment and youth at Yahoo, and formerly co-founder of GameSpot, is in charge of this effort - in other words, he understands the game market. Will be interesting to see what this evolves into!