- I recently came across Sara Jensen's 'We Can Fix That With Data' blog, which is an excellent blog about game design and turning from a senior designer at Spacetime Studios (currently doing something space MMO-related for NCSoft, most likely.)

Anyhow, a recent post of Sara's discusses the concept of official game wikis, comparing numbers of pages with users, edits, and admins on a variety of MMO-related wikis, not all official, though, including those for Vanguard, EverQuest II, Puzzle Pirates, and more. She particularly asks: "I was curious if a more, uh, rabid fanbase lead to increased wiki activity. Discounting page views, since not all of the wikis provided them, and without any accurate subscriber counts, we’re left with ratios of wiki users to other stuff." And Vanguard wins, haha.

As Joe Ludwig correctly points out in the comments: "I don’t know if it makes much difference (since you couldn’t get views on it) but I bet that only a fraction of the people who use Wikipedia actually have users. I know I don’t have one and I use Wikipedia all the time. It may be the case that other more active Wikis (like WoWWiki) are in the same boat. What the data really says to me is that Vanguard’s Wiki denizens are just as hard-core as the game."