- So, it's that time of week again, and 1UP's latest 'Retro Round-Up' column is certifiably retro, and almost certainly also a round-up. It therefore meets all the criteria it promises in the title, although they did give Root Beer Tapper for XBLA a thumbs down, which I personally disagree with (yes, I know it's not as exciting without the alcohol, but the internal scoring mechanics are really fun to figure out when you're going for some of the Achievements.)

One important note - I don't think Xbox Live Arcade is dropping the ball quite as badly as some others do. But it's clear that the arena of public opinion is starting to turn against them, as evidenced by this paragraph in Retro Round-Up: "Xbox Live's slow trickle of downloads continues at its sluggish pace, and frankly Microsoft's online content service is starting to feel like it's aiming squarely for third place. Wii's Virtual Console is kicking its butt in the classics arena, and PlayStation Network is quickly moving to the fore in terms of original content. And with games like this week's download, you kind of have to wonder if they're even trying."

There's also a podcast [.MP3] which highlights Cave Story (yay!), as well as my personal favorite, the 'Retronauts Bonus Stage: Episode 2' video, in which "The Retronauts hate Castlevania: Symphony of the Night for Saturn. HATE." I personally find the Parish / Sharkey double-act reassuringly 'garky' (that's 'snarky' and 'geeky' together, and I just made it up, and shuddup), and needless to say, the title of this post comes from them trying to explain exactly why the Saturn version of SOTN isn't all it's cracked up to be. Delicious!