- The brand new 'Game Of The Blog' blog is coming up trumps already, as it's posted some awesome bonus video from, of all things, the Curious George video game.

As blogger Joel reveals: "In the recent Curious George platformer by Namco based on the 2006 film (probably the last feature length cel animated film that will ever be made) the requisite collectible is, of course, bananas. Collecting at a certain percentage of these per level unlocks videos and hats(!) in the gift shop. These are then paid for with "curious points" which are are garnered by interacting with certain objects, usually resulting in George f*cking shit up as he is well known for."

He continues, grinning happily: "Most of the videos to be unlocked are clips from the film that are interspersed throughout the game to aid the plot, but there are also 6 clips of voice actors recording lines for the game. it's interesting to see, but each is really only good for one viewing as it's a bit repetitive watching them say each line 5 times. The best clip is of Frank Welker(who is closing in on 600 IMDb credits) making monkey noises for two and a half straight minutes, as seen below." Completely awesome, and all from the voice of Futurama's Nibbler and a zillion more.