- Over at ARGN a couple of days back, they had a really nice wrap-up of 42 Entertainment's Vanishing Point game, which was specifically set up to promote Windows Vista and confuse the world in an Alternate Reality Game stylee.

It's all worth a read, but here's my favorite bit: "Although the contest and prizes were unavailable to Microsoft employees, those intrepid programmers were not left out in the cold by Vanishing Point. The character Loki, ostensibly the "puzzle master" behind the entire campaign, had an actual office on the Microsoft campus, according to Steve Peters of 42 Entertainment, one of the actual puppet masters behind the puzzle master. Stickers were placed around the campus to attract the attention of employees, and provided directions to the curious that were intended to lead them to Loki's office."

What? A bit of the puzzle just for MIcrosofties? "There, the observant might have noticed some strange patterns of tape stuck to the office window. In fact, if lined up at just the right angle, one could match up the tape with the Seattle skyline, and a bullseye marking the spot. Solving this puzzle would have provided the successful employee with an invitation to attend the endgame festivities, but only one individual was reported to have done so." Good Lord, this is esoteric weirdness.