- Thanks to Andy Baio, I've been introduced to Rosemarie Fiore's vector arcade game time lapse pictures, which are pretty interesting, not least because they come from a fine artist and not a video game geek.

The explanation on her index page is fairly endearing: "These photographs are long exposures taken while playing video war games of the 80’s created by Atari, Centuri and Taito. The photographs were shot from video game screens while I played the games. By recording each second of an entire game on one frame of film, I captured complex patterns not normally seen by the eye."

Hey, and there's also something else GSW readers might like hanging out on her website: "“Evel Knievel Pinball Paintings” Entire games of pinball were recorded in oil paint while playing my 1979 Evel Knievel pinball machine. As I played, pinballs covered with oil paint moved across vellum fitted to the machine’s playboard creating the paintings. A video, "Balls of Steel" is exhibited with the paintings."