- Gama columnist and long-time Bath, England dweller Jim Rossignol kindly pointed out to me that PC Gamer UK now has a brand new website, nestled in Computer & Video Games' leafy web valleys.

Now, I will say that some of the pages are a bit annoyingly narrow, and there's some odd lack of crediting which happens when print -> Web sometimes, but what's very cool is that they're posting a bunch of the features from PCG UK itself, which is honestly one of the best-written magazines out there. For example, there's a profile of Manifesto Games' Greg Costikyan and his adorably DIY indie game portal.

Another notable piece - 'World Of Warcraft: Choose Grinding', which starts like this: "Marik skipped a term of school, disconnected his mobile phone, broke up with his girlfriend, and created barriers between friends he'd known for over a decade. Why? To play and, in his words, "beat" World of Warcraft. To become High Warlord, the single best player on his server." Bonus points for the furry-themed dating site ad on the site, PCG guys (reload, you'll see it)!