- Over at GSW sister educational site Game Career Guide, the folks at Darwinia/Defcon creators Introversion have been kind enough to contribute a a detailed feature called 'Procedural Content Generation', talking about generating content algorithmically - handy when you don't have an infinite amount of monkeys - uhm, artists - to help out.

They explain by way of introduction: "With each new generation of console, the costs of creating game content, in terms of both time and money, are increasing at a tremendous rate, and it is just unfeasible for a small developer to be able to keep up with such escalation. This is where Procedural Content Generation comes in handy. Procedural content is content that has been created by a computer algorithm rather than custom made by an artist. This content can be created completely dynamically, or can be generated based on some external input, from a user, or a text file, for example."

And how do they keep to this? They show some fascinating screenshots from their 'mysterious' new project Subversion, commenting: "Hand-designing the layout of every single building in a city that size would be a ridiculous task. It would take hundreds, probably even thousands, of man-hours. An algorithm written by a single person however can do the same task in seconds, and can be adapted to any other purposes that you might need. The trees in Darwinia, for example, were generated using a similar principal – lines ‘growing’ outwards from a seed point, branching out a number of times along the way." Looks like Chris Delay has a similar blog post about creating virtual offices for Subversion via the same concept - very neat indeed.