Over at Game Developer magazine, which I'm EIC of, we really appreciate the guys at Neversoft, because they put a lot of trouble, art direction-wise, into making neat-looking ads whenever they're trying to recruit new developers to their slightly deranged fold.

So, the February 2007 issue of Game Developer has just arrived in digital subscription form - you may recall Brandon joking about a few days back, and which has an exclusive postmortem of Insomniac's Resistance: Fall Of Man in it. Neversoft's ad in the mag is an awesome call to arms for anyone who wants to come and work at the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater creator on their latest inherited franchise, and which I reproduce for you here (click through for higher-res):

Of course, Neversoft recently confirmed that development of the Guitar Hero franchise has been transferred from Harmonix to them, as part of Activision buying GH publisher RedOctane - but if Neversoft are going to rock the pastel pinks and the Angus Young like this, maybe the franchise is in safe hands, hmm?

[At some point I'm going to get round to republishing a few other of Neversoft's recruitment ads for the mag, since I'm sure they won't mind. Suffice to say that at least two of them have caused significant consternation around the office regarding whether they were 'right' for a, uhm, family magazine. Wait, are we a family magazine?]