- Compatriot FrankC has been busy over at Lost Levels, using the forums to unearth a previously unknown/unreleased NES title from South Korea, 'Buzz & Waldog', and quipping: "Man, this Virtual Console thing on the Wii is kind of a bummer, isn't it? Who wants to play classic, good games that they've already played before? Wouldn't you rather play a crappy game you've never heard of?"

He then explains: "Buzz & Waldog is a cartoony platform game for the NES that was developed by Daou Infosys, a Korean company. The game was going to be published by Innovation Tech, the publishing offshoot of a company called The Ultimate Games Club, which was a big mailorder game distributor in the early 90s. If you can't tell by the screenshots, this game is actually really nicely made!"

He continues: "It's colorful, it's fluid, and it's really fun. And, amazingly, this game was going to be released without a coveted (and expensive) official license from Nintendo of America, Inc., just like those Jesus games you might have accidentally gotten for Christmas. Were this released, I would easily call it the best unlicensed NES game ever produced." And, more to the point, he's done YouTube videos of gameplay, too - that's just level 1, click through for the full set and lots of screenshots. Frank, you're adorable!