- Those lovable NeoGAF folks are currently roughing up a request on the Hudson Entertainment site that "Hudson wants to flesh out all of its entries on Wikipedia and there's no better way to do that than through you, the fans."

Not going to debate the issues behind that one, but it did remind me that we featured Hudson's 'Bee TV' back in August, and co-worker Brandon mentioned that the Bee TV insanity was still going on. And, sure enough, there's a round-up of the first 4 episodes on Hudson's site, with full links to downloadable and streamable versions of their in-house videozine.

I actually think this is a really neat idea - and they go to a lot of trouble. For example, for Episode 3: "Wanna see the 1up.com or IGN crew cower before our mad gaming skills? Then check out Bomberman's office invasion of your favorite magazines! How about an all access pass into the making of Bonk's Return - the mobile game? This, and the infamous Hudson office move rounds out this episode of Bee TV!" But the YouTube version only has about 220 views, youch, and the newer Episode 4 stream on YouTube just 22, so let's hope that everyone is just using the downloadable versions instead. If not, pile on and give the Hudson guys some dignity already!