- Doesn't seem to have been much publicity on this yet (not sure they put out a press release), but the results of GameShadow's Innovation In Games awards are out, and though it's a bit weird to see a game patching company organizing a game innovation awards, I can see that their heart is in it.

Overall 'Best Game' winner was LocoRoco ("This is a truly joyous game – a wonderfully simple interface guides our LocoRocos through the beautiful landscape that deforms impressively. Supported by wonderful audio of singing children, this is just a pleasure to experience." Other honored winners include Electroplankton for audio, Shadow Of The Colossus for Visual Effects, and Rooster Teeth's PANICS for best machinima.

Oddest but coolest is that Wild Earth won out in the Best Demo category - the IGF winner from 2003 has been super-duper delayed and just recently made it into stores thanks to Ubisoft under the name 'Safari Photo Africa: Wild Earth'.

The judges commented of the title: "The game is in many ways like a first person shooter, except you're shooting with a camera, not a rifle. It's exciting to see an attempt to use current technology to make interesting, informative games that can give the same level of emotional reward as a successful headshot in a traditional FPS, and Wild Earth succeeds very well."