- So, we're not actually shilling here, since we have no biz relationship with them, so wanted to point out that Play-Asia's Lunar New Year sale is on, and of particular interest are the Bit Generations GBA titles for $15 each.

We've previously discussed these unique, Nintendo-published experimental GBA titles, which were released at a budget price in Japan, and it appears will never get a North American release at this point - Modojo has a good review set for almost all of them, and it seems generally agreed that Dotstream and Orbital are the two worth picking up.

In Orbital, "you control a small planetoid as it floats through space. You start out as one of the smallest objects on the screen, but by merging with objects a size larger, you increase your own size and gravitational pull", and in Dotstream, also getting good reviews at 4CR, "you are a beam of light that is in a race with four other beams of light. Dotstream does away with the accelerate button found in most racing games. Instead, you travel faster when going in a straight line."

Both neat, and I picked them both up for $33 including postage to the U.S. - so I would recommend checking out these and other Bit Generations titles if you're into the experimental. [EDIT: Orbital, Dotstream, and Coloris are now out of stock, as of 2.31pm PST - the other titles are still available right now, though.]