- We've previously covered Gamerzines, which are, as the creators pinged me to remind me, "...free PDF based magazines, and there are 2 monthly ones currently published (PC and 360) and a third coming for PSP and DS in Feb."

Most recently, they claim: "Issue 2 of PCGZine is out for download now [PDF link], and it's packed with nearly 40 pages of top notch games journalism. It has hands on preview of STALKER, Lord of the Rings Online, Field Ops and Vanguard, plus an interview about Quake Wars and not one, but two competitions - win a beta key for STALKER and a top notch graphics card!"

It's all a bit oddly non-'Web' like, having PDF magazines with embedded Flash and Windows Media Player, but it's fun to flick through, and it's a very UK PC Format/Gamer-like experience, which is kinda fun for people like me who can only get the U.S. versions easily. (Also, there's a Pro Evolution Soccer fanzine [.PDF], which is neat, I reckon. Here's the RSS feed URL for the site, otherwise a bit hidden, btw.)