- I was in my GameFly queue today trying to set up a few games (preferably so I don't get sent games just after I've bought them!), and I noticed that Tetris Evolution for Xbox 360 is clearly listed as a release on the site, including an official box cover.

Since it was already confirmed that THQ will be publishing Tetris for the Xbox 360 in the West, I guess we can consider this _likely_ confirmation at least of the name and the fact that it will be a full retail game, as opposed to an Xbox Live Arcade title. And this got me interested in poking around to see what else GameFly has added to its upcoming game DB recently.

(Now, I will point out that there was a story about Guilty Gear on the Wii this week which was flat-out denied by alleged publisher Aksys, and which also originated from GameFly. However, a post on their messageboards about other titles listed on GameFly, which include Hoshigami Remix: Ruining Blue Earth for the DS and other games in the Guilty Gear series, wasn't flat-out denied - more like 'It's only official when I say so'.)

So, here's my view on this. GameFly got these games listed because the publisher provided information on them - ie intentionally sent out a name and a release date. It's not like IMDB - people just can't spontaneously add anything they like to the GameFly database (similarly to EBGames/GameStop).

Most of the time, this means the game is going to be released. But some of the time it doesn't, because there were development problems, or perhaps whoever was sending out info about upcoming games picked the 'stuff we've ALMOST signed' list instead of 'stuff we've ACTUALLY signed' - there's some claim that this is true for Gish on PSP for Aksys, for example. FWIW, Gish for PSP does _not_ show up on GameFly as of right now.

Therefore, here's a comprehensive trawl through the upcoming games, publishers, release dates by format on GameFly, pointing out those that I know relatively little about (in some cases, people already noticed they existed from GameFly, or GameStop/EB, or there's a _little_ info out there, but nobody has listed them all in one place, yay). I'm ignoring most games with a 'TBA' date because that seems to be where the 'not likely to be released' titles end up:

PlayStation 3
- Nothing out of the ordinary.

PlayStation Portable
- 7 Wonders (MumboJumbo, March 1st) - a PSP version of the popular PC casual game - very likely, given the previous release of Platypus and Luxor for PSP by MumboJumbo, as reviewed on GSW.
- Warriors Of Enkor (Atari, March 31st) - says the genre is 'Fighting', but I can find literally no other information on this online. Anyone?
- Riviera (Atlus, April 26th) - a PSP version of the acclaimed GBA RPG, and extremely likely because it's already out in Japan.

PlayStation 2
- Carol Vorderman's Sudoku (Eidos, March 8th) - in most ways this isn't crazy, of course, because it's Sudoku, but I'm surprised it's still branded with - Carol Vorderman's name, since nobody actually knows who she is in the States. Still, even if it's slightly shovelware, it looks legit.
- Growlanser V: Generations (Atlus, July 7th) - again, not super surprising, since the game is already out in Japan, but some of the first pre-order semi-confirmation I've seen.
- Guilty Gear XX Slash (Aksys, July 31st) - part of the Aksys 'mystery' which includes Wii Guilty Gear, of course, but this is certainly the kind of title that a smaller localization-friendly U.S. publisher like Aksys _would_ pick up. We'll see.

Xbox 360
- Tetris Evolution (THQ, March 21st) - already mentioned this one further up the story, and it sounds pretty likely to me - though THQ did famously have an almost-finished DS version of Tetris cancelled a year or two back. I was hoping this would be Tetris: The Grand Master Ace, but I rather think it'll be an original THQ product, hopefully better than the lukewarm Tetris Worlds.
- Senko No Rondo (Ubisoft, May 31st) - this report has wandered around the Internet already, and given it's already out in Japan, this v.cool fighting shooter would be easy to bring across. Let's see!
- Call Of Juarez (Ubisoft, June 30th) - for some reason this is listed on GameFAQs as an Xbox release, not Xbox 360, but given this Western-themed FPS is already out on PC, an Xbox 360 conversion sounds pretty likely to me.

- Comic Family (Ubisoft, June 30th) - given the amount of other Ubisoft games on this list, I'm going to say that this one is legit. No other information than 'Action Adventure' genre, though. [UPDATE: Commenter 'stx' points out this is likely the mis-spelled Cosmic Family - good catch, Sir.]
- Guilty Gear XX Accent Core (Aksys, July 30th) - we've talked about Aksys already, so I won't belabor the point, but it's believable.

- Luxor: Wrath Of Set (Mumbojumbo, February 15th) - again, a move onto DS for MumboJumbo is very logical, esp. with the already PSP-ported puzzler.
- Touch The Dead (Eidos, April 30th) - sounds like a logical title! Are there any Japanese zombie touching DS games that Eidos could import, or is this a whole new title? No info online at all.
- Hoshigami Remix: Ruining Blue Earth (Aksys, May 31st) - the semi-cult Japanese RPG making an appearance in the West on DS? If this is true, then it's also unannounced in Japan. I say too random to be untrue - you choose!