- Beth over at GSW sister educational site Game Career Guide has occasion to post a postmortem of Dare To Be Digital student game winner Flux earlier this week, and I thought I'd point it out because it features some pretty interesting game design.

Specifically, Algoma University's Flux, which was created using Instinct Engine, is "...a genre-bending, action-music-strategy game, where you must connect a network of as many glowing orbs as you can, within the span of one or more songs", and it has some pretty interesting features: "It doesn't matter whether you are playing with a mouse, stylus, or wand; the game is controlled through intuitive, click-less gestures" - also: "Levels are built from songs, and how the game plays depends on the music you are listening to."

Unfortunately, there's no playable demo on the official Flux website right now, but you can get a good idea of the gameplay from a Flux progression video [.WMV], which seems to show the title playing somewhere between classic Atari vector game Quantum and something like Fantavision. Wonder if there's any interest in taking this baby to Xbox Live Arcade or other experimental console waters? I certainly wouldn't mind seeing it there.