- Jay over at the appropriately named JayIsGames popped in to mention the following: "Just to let you know, we are running an interview that John Bardinelli conducted (oh the humor!) with flOw composer, Austin Wintory." The intro is a bit heavy-breathing-ish (fl0w is apparently "breathtaking both as a game and as a work of art"), but it's an interesting piece.

First explained is the general idea behind the soundtrack for the first Flash-constructed, and soon to be PS3 E-distributed game: "We sought something atmospheric and electronic, but not in the stark, soundscape sort of way. Something warm and organic, as if a symphony of instruments never before played on Earth. That sounds horribly pretentious, but that was sort of our guide. What resulted was a combination of literally hundreds of small audio files being triggered by the player interactions, and a steady background track."

It's also good to see a nicely varied list of influences from Mr. Wintory: "The one composer that seems to always have the answer for me is Bela Bartok, especially when it comes to writing for orchestra. But I’m also a huge admirer of John Corigliano and Eliot Goldenthal. Of course where would we be without Jerry Goldsmith and John Williams? Among game composers I love the old LucasArts team like Mike Land, Peter McConnell, etc. “Grim Fandango” was always a personal favorite."