- Over at Blue's News, they are highlighting some interesting controversy, or as they put it, a "brewing brouhaha" regarding Eve Online that centers around alleged improprieties by CCP staff in the crazily immersive PC MMO.

It all seems a bit murky, but Blue makes a good synopsis near the beginning: "The original post by EVE Online community manager kieron mentions that the identities of CCP employees participating in the game have become public, and that the compromised accounts have been deleted, and goes on to refer to the possibility that information about a coming story arc had been leaked by employee/players. They describe a tightening of the audit measures whereby accounts of employees are monitored for malfeasance to protect against employee misconduct. The fuel for the thread's rapid growth are allegations that the scandal runs deeper than what is being addressed, and that employees of CCP have been able to steer valuable in-game items to the groups in which they participate."

A commenter on the Blue's thread also provides some color: "For those who don't know, BoB (Band of Brothers) is *the* biggest alliance. The only one that was nearly the size disbanded after months of having BoB totally destroy them. With this information coming out, it puts a grim shadow on the game. A shame too, I was looking forward to when they implement factional warfare and people who can't play the game 7 days a week can participate in some good PvP."

[UPDATE: The Escapist has added an in-depth report into this whole story, including a blog post from CCP developer Vincent "t20" P admitting to his misconduct and apologizing for his actions: "Sadly enough, the allegation regarding unlawfully obtained blueprints are, in my case, true. I'm here, laying out the facts of what happened in June 2006 so this whole issue -- which jeopardized my colleagues, my company and our community -- can be put behind us, I hope for the better."]