- Just spotted the rather fun UruBlogs.com, which is an aggregator of the adventures of travelers in Myst Online: Uru Live, Cyan Worlds and GameTap's resurrected MMO that's officially launching on February 15th.

The original incarnation of the MMO had a hardcore, mythos-obsessed fanbase, and it looks like there's plenty of similar talk in the new world of Myst Online: "A really cool thing is the new timeline, with some nice pictures about the discovery of D’ni. And the best thing is the section “Restoration project”, wich is a finally updated progress list. As you can see, the Museum, Dereno (never heard of that before…), Eder Tsogal, Er’cana and Negilahn are in Phase Five currently. So, those are (almost) ready to be opened!

Blogger Erik also notes the D'ni Restoration Council's website, grinning: "I can’t wait to visit Er’cana, I’ve heard so much about that already. And Negilahn seems to be very interesting as well, a Museum Age, a big jungle. And of course, I can’t wait to finally visit Tsogal and I really want to know more about Dereno!" Is this content from the original heyday of Uru being put back in, or is this all so 'virtual' that they're just talking about things that never happened?