- Digging through a backlog of links, I don't think any blogs really spotted that Eurogamer has a really nice write-up of the ATEI 2007 arcade show in London, discussing "the UK's annual 'slot-machine' show held at Earl's Court".

There's some great stuff in here, too: "Manic Panic Crush, a Point Blank styled mini-game marathon has clearly looked to the DS for its inspiration. Boasting a 50-inch touch-screen (just think about the implications of that for a moment...) the game requires one or two players to use the 'Magic Wand' peripheral (essentially a big rubber sucker) to whack and swipe the screen in order to clear simple levels and bosses. Again, this is the kind of remarkable technology is simply not affordable/suitable for use in the home yet and, despite the basic gameplay, it signposted what might be possible in a few years' time."

Also, and YAY: "The final surprise of the show was Namco's Mario Kart Arcade GP2. The bright, primary-coloured cabinet houses four screens and kart seats and boasts as its dubious but proudly proclaimed USP: live play-by-play commentary which, according to the blurb, "makes the game intense". As well as featuring all the usual suspect characters the game introduces an incongruous-looking Mamechi "fresh from planet Tamagotchi", new courses and, controversially to long-time series fans, loads and loads of new items." Hadn't seen that anywhere either.

[UPDATE: Commenter 'fuse' has a really nice set of ATEI pictures up on his Flickr account, too, for those wanting to see a few more pics of the games, which also included the v.odd "2 Spicy" gun game and House Of The Dead 4 Special.]