- A note from the Way Of The Rodent loonies in the UK, then: "Our [previous GSW-mentioned] little games awards thing went stupidly well, thought you might enjoy/hate the results - here's the write-up."

And indeed, people in the pub holding up odd award plaques seems like a great time to us. The extra pictures reveal that real people from real game companies turned up, too!

Most interesting, perhaps, were the themed outfits, as a game PR person grinned: "Seriously a brilliant and hilarious night… far better than any wanky industry event I've been to. Enjoyed Capcom having to dress up as gay cowboys for their award. I think next year every award collected should include themed costume items as a condition of receiving the accolade - could become a new industry standard."

Oh, and there's also a new issue of WoTR itself, which includes a 2006 review article which... hang on, we said we weren't going to do any more of these about 3 posts ago, didn't we? Bugger. Anyhow, it raves about Ridge Racer 6 again (which is apparently available for $20 here in the States nowadays), so we have to give it a little linky link link.