- So, you remember that 2007 Independent Games Summit thing that I'm helping to organize at GDC? Well, if you go look at the 2007 IGS homepage, you'll find that the 2-day conf (being held on March 5th-6th at the Moscone Center in SF) is now full - and this after doubling room size, yikes!

As is noted in the updated session description: "NOTE: This event is now SOLD OUT - no more tickets are available for it. Independent Games Summit Classic/Expo Pass holders should arrive early for seating for the sessions, since seats will be first-come, first-served." FYI!

In other words, if you're a Giga/VIP Pass holder for GDC or press, you're also allowed to attend, but we're going to try to make sure that everyone who specifically bought tickets for the Independent Games Summit, or indicated that they were attending on their reg form, gets in first - mainly by encouraging them to turn up early. So be smart and don't be late, eh?

A reminder of the content again: "Featuring lectures, postmortems and roundtables from some of the most notable independent game creators around, including many of the Independent Games Festival finalists for this year, the 2007 Independent Games Summit seeks to highlight the brightest and the best of indie development." We're going to touch on everything from PC distro via places like Manifesto Games, through Xbox Live Arcade and even PS3 E-Distribution - though we've not yet managed to get a Nintendo representative confirmed - hopefully there's still time for them to come through! Anyhow, even for those who can't make it, we're hoping to have lots of session write-ups for Gamasutra's coverage, so don't worry too much if you didn't register in time, aw.