- Unfortunately it got a bit mangled in its GamesPress to Gamesindustry.biz conversion, but Way Of The Rodent has a really fun press release about its 'Rodent Awards 2006 – Big Night Out!', which will be taking place on January 25th "downstairs in a London boozer", and sounds like one of the more meaningful game awards, like, ever.

The WOTR website has full details on some of the bizarro categories, which include 'Most difficult moment in a videogame to explain to the missus' ("Dead Rising - Gay Cowboy Outfit; Xbox Live - Playing RR at 5AM across continents; We Love Katamari: Rolling around and that; Loco Roco - All of it"), and 'Best polygon in a supporting wall' ("Big chunk of random road - PGR3; Big fucking Rocks - Gears of War; Weak-spot Indicator - Shadow of the Colossus; The space between the ball and the headers' head - FIFA2007 (360 version)").

There are also some overall Game Of The Year contenders, which I'm delighted to see includes Ridge Racer 6 (this is a European award, before you cry foul!) "For perfectly balanced challenge and longevity of appeal" - I still believe this is one of the most under-rated 360 titles, alongside Amped 3. Another very interesting nomination by the Rodent folks - Criterion's Black "For taking FPS back to the arcade". Hurrah for alternatives, hey?