- Via Zen Of Design, there's a fun post by Dan Rubenfield [EDIT: Who is apparently an MMO veteran now working at SCEE in London - PS3 MMO rumors, anyone?] about Ultima Online and, well, 'Time to Cock”'. He comments: "I worked on UO for around 4+ years for my career (started right after pre-alpha through ship, then came back for a stint for Renaissance), and to this day I’m amazed by the memories and shared history it inspires."

Specifically: "A friend of mine(Jeff Freeman) who I worked with for many years had a term he used called “Time to Cock”. It’s the amount of time it takes players to use a feature to make a giant cock in the world. In UO, one of the first thing I saw players doing was writing F*CK in giant letters using Fish."

More hilarity: "Hell, I remember when we had a bug with sewing kits where if you tried to use it on a non-sewable object, it deleted the target, not the kit. We logged into the beta and saw most of the dynamic objects in the world missing. And a solitary player comes running by, screaming, closely followed by another player. and then he must’ve caught him, and POP… The running player was gone… Deleted by the jackass with the sewing kit." Man, MMO bugs are the absolute best.