- Over at GSW sister site Serious Games Source, the ever-interesting Ian Bogost has posted an article called 'Promogames, Another Kind of Advertising Game', looking at the recently released Burger King Xbox games and the history of such japery.

He notes: "In the past several years, advergaming has partly ceded its role as darling of the advertising and games world to brand/product placement, which inserts static representations of companies or products into games (think of the Pizza Hut in Crazy Taxi, and to dynamic in-game advertising, which uses internet-delivery to insert billboard-style ads directly into commercial video games. Burger King themselves have participated in the former strategy, adding the King as a trainer in EA’s Fight Night Round 3."

Bogost then attempts to define his new phrase: "I give the name promogames to video games whose primary purpose is to promote the purchase of a product or service secondary or incidental to the game itself. These Burger King games work by giving gamers a reason to buy Burger King hamburgers, not by telling gamers why they should buy those burgers over other burgers, or over fried chicken. While advergames promote the company, promogames offer an incentive to consume the company’s goods independent of the game’s representational properties." Aha!