- Increasingly, I'm wondering whether The Escapist's simultaneous delight and downfall is in its dense, feature-heavy reporting. When I really get _into_ its editorial, I appreciate it, but its lack of hooks often mean that I can't quite grok which of the 5 or 6 new features to read every week, so don't quite get round to reading any of them.

Maybe that's just me, though, and this week, the online mag's interview with baseball great and MMO mastermind Curt Schilling has those hooks galore. So, could his new MMO developer be a vanity project in any way? Curt says no: "The focus for me, from a founder's standpoint... is not to make my game. There's been a lot people who have made that mistake. The goal for me is to make the game."

As for who will care about the recently announced Green Monster Games? "If you do the math, and you take the McFarlane fans - Todd's site gets, I think, 320 million hits a month. R.A. [Salvatore] sold over 15 million books in the United States. You take baseball fans that are potentially Red Sox fans, Curt CS fans." And you get a pretty odd collection of geeks and jocks! But the point stands that Schilling has the money and the passion to put together a good team of developers, and with the ability to license good quality game engines like Gamebryo, you never know what's going to wander out of Boston in 2 or 3 years.