- Aha, got a neat email from the LA Weekly's Joshuah Bearman, who notes: "Just wanted to alert people to some coverage of [Christian PC RTS] Left Behind: Eternal Forces in Pass the Paddles, the LA Weekly/Voice's video game column. In addition to parsing the false theology of the Rapture, I point out that the leftie critics are just as hypocritical."

An excerpt: "...The Rev. Tim Simpson, who heads the Christian Alliance for Progress in Jacksonville, Florida, has publicly said the many theological shortcomings of Left Behind are "antithetical to the gospel of Jesus Christ." True enough, but so are most video games. In this case, the axiomatic hypocrisy of the religious right, usually first out of the gate to denounce violence in games but staunchly defending Left Behind, is surely matched by that of a group called Campaign to Defend the Constitution, a group asking that the video game be removed from store shelves."

Bearman continues: " It may seem sinister (or ingenious, depending on your perspective) to embed millennial religious war into a goal-oriented interactive experience, but it¹s just a game. No one is going to ponder eternal salvation from clicking an icon of hands clasped in prayer. For the same reason that Doom did not create any sociopaths, Left Behind will not flood the ranks of Christian warriors." The interesting thing here, of course, is whether the controversy will create major sales for what is, by all accounts, a pretty awful game.