-This is quite fortuitous timing, given that the new Ghost Rider movie and the 2K Games-published game based on it are just about to debut, but the PlayStation Museum site has unearthed an unreleased Neversoft beta of an earlier Ghost Rider game - as a 2D sidescroller! - from way back in 1995.

It's explained of the game, which was in development from the Tony Hawk/Gun creator early in its history, and to be published (oddly enough) by Crystal Dynamics: "Ghost Rider never reached alpha stage. A demo was created to showcase the 3D environment engine, lighting effects, algorithmically generated fire routine, algorithmically generated chain mechanic, and the developer's ability to capture the mood and feel of the licensed character. Ghost Rider was to use the Skeleton Warriors engine."

The results: "The PlayStation Museum was fortunate enough to play the exclusive demo of Ghost Rider [yes, there's a YouTube video]. We are very impressed to say the least. The chain mechanics are truly amazing. The chain swings and whips with fluid motion and with ease. Being able to swing to higher levels was easy. The Ghost Rider's flaming skull is amazing. It will increase in flame with more power and the fire effect is breath taking. The gameplay feels similar to Castlevania which is a plus. It is a travesty that Crystal Dynamics didn't pursue the game."