- Good to see that GameTunnel has its final Top 10 Indie Games Of The Year article posted online - and their entire 'Game Of The Year' article series is also available for checking out, of course.

There's some nice intro text, too: "While a few Independent games have gained increased mainstream exposure over the last couple of years through Xbox Live Arcade and Steam, the majority remain undetected, awaiting discovery by the gaming world. Creating off-beat, original, and carefully crafted games is the heritage of Independent Game developers, and the Top 10 Independent Games of 2006 does its ancestry proud."

One of the interesting and cool things about the awards is that, barring a couple of games, there's very little overlap with the IGF finalists this year - though a bunch of the Top 10 games from GameTunnel were pretty close to being IGF finalists, as I recall. It just goes to show the large variety of indie games out there - and actually makes me feel even better that all the constituent parts of the indie sphere, from the IGF through Slamdance to GameTunnel, all seem to highlight different 'flavors' of games nowadays, showing the huge diversity of good material out there.