- Reports to this effect have been floating around for a while (ever since the joint Brian Eno/Will Wright lecture for the Long Now foundation last year), but a recent Berlin lecture by ambient music maestro Eno, written up at WWMNA, seems to have confirmed that Eno is curating the Spore soundtrack, a very neat revelation.

The write-up of the Berlin lecture explains: "Generativity plays a role in many fields now, with gaming being no exception. Also built around this notion and probably one of the currently most eagerly awaited games is Will Wright's Spore, for which Brian Eno, as he revealed, will be making the soundtrack! He was asked to do it, because the designers wanted sound that is just a procedural as the game itself, instead of the loops which are tied to certain stages or areas which we are used to experience in games."

What's more, Eno "...went on to demonstrate a simple software called "The Shuffler" which he uses to create fragments for the soundtrack of Spore and which even with a simple combination of samples possibly would never create the same composition twice within a lifetime." So basically, it's a bit like Koan Pro only crazily wired into a game? Of course, one might ask what Eno is doing if the music is infinitely different every time, but I guess he's the... DJ? [Via The-Inbetween.]