- Thanks to James for passing on the following handy tip: "I just stumbled across something neat that seems to have flown under quite a few radars in October - Arcadeflyers.com has scanned a bunch of really interesting Capcom design booklets, the "Secret Files" series."

He continues: "The covers are all neat pastiches of other kinds of products - Power Stone chocolate, a Skullomania action figure and a Lego Strider II playset! The X-Men Vs Streetfighter one even mentions the Archie vs The Punisher crossover on one of its text pages."

Looks like the first set of Secret Files brochures (which are really mini-promotional magazines for each arcade game - were they given away in Japanese arcades or with Arcadia or similar?) were put up on Arcadeflyers back in 2003 or so, but the new ones only just arrived a couple of months back. Wonder if there are any newer unscanned ones since Strider II, which was back in 1999?