- Phew, _just_ finished the final judging and calculations to work out the 2007 Independent Games Festival Student Showcase winners - the best 10 student games submitted this year, and here are the results for your delectation. Go check all the games out, because a lot of them are very neat, and a lot are free to download (pictured: the delightfully wacky Opera Slinger):

"We're delighted to reveal the ten 2007 IGF Student Showcase winners, each picked from the 102 excellent student entries submitted this year. And the Student Showcase winners are (in alphabetical order):

- TU Wien's paper cut-out 2D rotation-based title ...And Yet It Moves.
- Koln International School Of Design's extremely Gilliam-esque Flash soccer mini-game pastiche Ball Of Bastards.
- DigiPen's ingenious action-oriented cartoon strategy game Base Invaders.
- Stanford University's touchscreen and voice-controlled multiplayer abstract strategic romp Euclidean Crisis.
- DigiPen's 2D innovative color-absorbing platform action title Gelatin Joe.
- Guildhall at SMU's stylized vertical shooter meets puzzle game Invalid Tangram.
- Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy's interactive singing game vs. action title Opera Slinger.
- SungKyunKwan University's extremely original puzzle-sliding platform game Rooms.
- Hogeschool van de Kunsten, Utrecht's city color-painting roll-around extravaganza The Blob.
- DigiPen's clever 3D block-manipulating shooter Toblo.

Thanks to all entrants! All of these finalist titles have won a travel stipend of $500 to help them attend GDC in San Francisco this March, where they will show their game on the IGF Pavilion, and one of them will be awarded a Best Student Game prize of $2500 at the IGF Awards on the evening of March 7th."