- Well, I jest in the title, of course - but if you're a collector of PSP-related memorabilia, it's probably time to start checking out eBay, because as studios slow down and basically stop releasing UMD discs - the handy UMD release list at The Digital Bits shows only a handful of new Sony-published movies coming out - so, as stores and retailers clear their decks over the next few months, there's likely to be both bargains and rarities galore.

Personally, the thing I get most excited about is great audio/video synchronization, because I use my PSP both to listen to MP3s and to watch movies/play games while commuting, so I finally managed to pick up the Beck 'Guero' special edition UMD which we gave away on GameSetWatch last December - only $5 plus shipping from eBay, too.

The UMD includes "all the audio tracks from the 8-bit retro game-ish influenced album, special video art by D-Fuse for each track, and seven music videos", and it makes me wish that album-specific goodness like the Super Furry Animals' Rings Around The World and Phantom Power DVDs would come to UMD - something which they are clearly not, hah.

But in any case, I've previously mentioned that Dr. Who's first season is apparently out - although I can only find references to it for UK release, so maybe the U.S. release was pulled? What is definitely out is two Family Guy box sets (the first one is still decently priced on DeepDiscountDVD), an Entourage box set, and a bunch of Adult Swim UMDs, for starters. So I think if you're a bit of a geek, you might want to start picking some of these up now, before they get scarce - and feel free to ping us if you see any good UMD sales?