- We've linked 'em before, but their RSS feed is busted, so we didn't realize they were updating - Insomnia.ac has a bunch more Japanese arcade test reports and arcade game summing-ups, many of which are pretty interesting.

For example, there's a review of Hokuto No Ken, aka Fist Of The North Star, the latest game from Guilty Gear creators Arc System Works: "Hokuto no Ken is in the end a decent fighter, which could have been much better with a bit more effort, and even great with more of a commitment on the part of the developer. Its problems are many, yes, but they are not fundamental, and they are easy enough to fix -- what's important is that the core game is solid."

Also, this is the first English review of Mushihime-Tama I've seen, the puzzler from Cave: "However, though this is a typically meticulously-crafted Cave sequel, using the "bigger, harder, evolved" approach that the company is known for (see Donpachi series), I can't say I prefer it over the original game. Even with all the numerous changes and additions, I'd still take Uo Poko over this any day."