- So earlier, GSW and Gama's colleagues at the Game Developers Conference sent out a fresh newsletter which detailed some of the changes for GDC 2007, taking place next March at the Moscone Center in beautiful San Frandisco.

Part of the newsletter was info on Dave Perry's game design lecture picks for the show, and there's an amusing map of the new GDC floor layout included in there, complete with wacky annotations in pencil and 'boss monster' signs.

Well, of course, Wired News' Chris Kohler had to flip things round, and posted 'Game Developers Conference From a Journalist's Point of View', which apparently consists of a gigantic blur, all flowing around free alcohol and David Jaffe. And of course, those two things never, ever, ever come into close proximity with each other, so no streams will be crossed in March with regard to the twain. Yay!

[Also, GDC is starting up Geek Of The Week again, which is an ancient tradition in which game developers come forward and admit that they are goofy, in the direct context of GDC-ization. If you're a developer, and goofy, go sign up for it!]