- A couple of words on GameSetWatch, then. I think I've tried to back away and otherwise re-arrange the concept of what GSW means to myself and CMP a couple of times. But now, as you may have spotted, it's finally happened - we're posting less material as of earlier this week, but what we do post is more personal/targeted, and in more detail.

Briefly, here's why. When I started GameSetWatch back in late 2005, Joystiq and Kotaku were really the only games in town, as far as full-featured blogs go. They cover everything - from breaking PlayStation 3 news to wacky Japanese commercials - and they're getting increasingly good at that, with swelling staff numbers. Not only that, but I consider both Destructoid and Wired's Game|Life to be worthy adversaries for the 'comprehensive blog' crown, and they've really come to prominence and relevance in the last year or so. There are a lot of fish in the sea now.

So, I was definitely flirting with the concept of expanding GameSetWatch into a fully featured, super-competitive blog - and in fact, we've previously used columnists and news writers who now write for some of the major blogs. But in the end, the CMP Game Group is much more of a B2B, industry publication, and consumer isn't totally in our blood (or business model!) right now.

And you know, I think that GSW works best with highly targeted columns from our very kind contributors, and more in-depth commentary, game analyses, and other shenanigans from me, including info about what cool stuff I'm doing with my 'day job' - rather than 'OMG, here's a cool eBay auction!', or other crazed linktrawling. And as for reporting the mainstream OMG PS3 news - we cover all that on Gamasutra in more canonical form, anyhow. So that's always felt a bit pointless.

This doesn't mean that GSW won't morph in the future, but what I'm hoping to do is to sorta stick to a Merc News game-blog level of posting - erudition, but in slight moderation, rather than racing to trawl Bloglines so I can frantically post 4 or 5 new mini-posts to get us through tomorrow. Or that's the plan, Stan!

[Addendum: This shift is obviously somewhat related to my workload overseeing Game Developer magazine, Gamasutra, and the IGF/Independent Games Summit, since GDC is coming up, and I have some new responsibilities to grow some fresh Game Group products, too - which I will be mentioning here when they are ready for primetime, since there's some danger that you may think they are cool.

Oh, and on another note, our spam filter is acting up again, so I'm manually approving comments for a bit. So if you comment here or elsewhere and it doesn't appear on the post for a little bit - don't worry, I'll get to it in due course!]