- Ah yes - it's not quite the weekend, but there's still plenty of GameSetLinks hanging around and dogging my brain, so here they are, in a seemingly random order:

- Mateas' Brain: Over at Santa Cruz' Good Times Weekly, there's a cover story on Michael Mateas' new university course in the California surf town, suggesting of the Facade co-creator: "Someone who works in the medium of AI, attempting to apply it toward interactive drama, must have a keen understanding of linguistics, storytelling, human emotional psychology … the very topics philosophers have struggled with since the beginning of recorded time." [Via GTA.]

- Phantasy Re-Translated: You may have already spotted this on IC : "SMS Power has put up a new patch of Phantasy Star for SMS, featuring a script reworked by TheRedEye, aka [Gamasutra editor] Frank Cifaldi." Nice to see a literate community translation - not that some aren't, but hey! I'm still hoping that a fan translation will, at some point, turn up somewhere official - GameTap, Virtual Console, XBLA, I care not where! But it's a major opportunity for the biz.

- Daft Punk UMD Funk: Further to the recent comments over interesting UMDs to buy before they disappear, my old buddy Tim Koch mentioned Daft Punk's 'Interstella 5555' UMD, which is an animated music video-styled movie visually created by anime don Leiji Matsumoto - and Tim says that it's specifically listed as a Region 0 UMD on the box. Which is very neat!

- Wii Will Disney You: Over at The Hollywood Reporter, Paul Hyman has been chatting to Disney's new Wii-specific studio, and they reveal that they have also been flinging Wii controllers around: "I have to admit that our conference room has a few scars on the walls. But the fact that we can design for a new kind of controller opens us up to more than just moving joysticks and pushing buttons." Otherwise, it's just a little PR-y - but it's great that Buena Vista care enough about Wii to have a whole developer set up for it.

- The IT Crowd's Game Chops: A little behind on this, but I haven't really seen anyone talking about it on game sites - you may have heard of The IT Crowd, Graham Linehan's excellent UK Channel 4 sitcom, but you may not be aware that the Region 2-only DVD has some wonderful video game-inspired menus, including pastiches of Head Over Heels, Elite, and Manic Miner, among others. Also, the l33t-speak subtitles in the first episode have a bunch of game references, and Linehan's commentary discusses games at various points, noting: "At the moment I'm playing Shadow Of The Colossus, which I heartily recommend".

[Plus, Shynola, who did Beck's very vector graphics 'E-Pro' video and a whole bunch of other AMAZING vids like Stephen Malkmus' 'Jo Jo's Jacket' vid, with fake Westworld retro game, did The IT Crowd's credits sequence, which can only be good. UPDATE: Oh, and I almost forgot, the l33t-speak subtitles for the DVD includes "attack his weak point for massive damage", heh, and various other MMO/game geekspeak.]