- Aha, post of the year alert! This is wending its way swiftly around the blogosphere, but Cabel Sasser (who you might know as the guy who makes those awesome Katamari Damacy T-shirts) has just posted 'Buggy Saints Row - The Musical', an unbelievably awesome musical video tribute to THQ's chart-topping GTA clone.

Cabel explains: "A number of months ago, during the pre-Wii game drought, I partook in a little game cassette called Saints Row. Saints Row (plot: shoot stuff) was a pretty average game by any measure — for starters, it was literally, down to almost every detail, an exact clone of Grand Theft Auto. (I couldn't believe Rockstar didn't K.C. Munchkin all over their faces.) Saints Row does, to its credit, have better graphics, a pretty good script, an amusing character creator, and better targeting (for better shooting people in the face)."

But wait: "It also has some bugs. The world's most awesome bugs... So many bugs that I would keep my digital camera on hand while I played the game. And every time I came across a bug — and I came across a whole lot of them — I'd take a short video. For a long time now, I've wanted to share these bug videos with you, but I wasn't convinced they were quite funny enough. They needed a hot comedy injection, a little something to tie it all together. And then it hit me: musical theatre." The results are super duper awesome! [Via InBetween.]